An overview of the most frequently asked questions.

Where can I buy the game?

Seeker Chronicles is not yet available in stores. Sign up and we will inform you when we go live on Kickstarter.

Do I need to know science to play the game?

No, everyone can play the game! Science is a theme, not a requirement. You can learn how to play right now, just take a look at the rules.

How many players do I need to play Seeker Chronicles?

Seeker Chronicles is a 1v1 strategy card game with a special single-player mode.

How long does one game take?

A single game takes between 20-40 minutes.

What is the age range to play Seeker Chronicles?

13+. If you are younger, don’t worry, give it a try and enjoy the wonders of our universe!

Is Seeker Chronicles a didactic game?

No. You will discover new and exciting concepts while you play but Seeker Chronicles is first and foremost a fun and epic game.

Do the card illustrations depict real scientific concepts?

All modules and gadgets represent real scientific concepts and technologies. All Guardians are based on real scientists that advanced our understanding of the universe.  

Can I commission cards?

Seeker Chronicles is a platform for outreach and an opportunity for you to reach a new audience. We can integrate your research and technology into the game and its universe. Contact us!