An overview of the most frequently asked questions.

How long is one game?

20-40 minutes

Is Seeker Chronicles a didactic game?

No. Seeker Chronicles is first and foremost a fun and epic game based on real science and technology.

Can I play online?

We are working on it! Until then, you can follow us on Discord and try it Tabletop Simulator. Feedback welcome!

Do I need to know science to play the game?

Of course not! Enjoy the theme and art while you crush your opponent ;)

Can I commission cards or illustrations?

Seeker Chronicles is a new channel for outreach and an opportunity for you to reach a new audience. We can integrate your research into the game, illustrate it and link it to your websites. Contact us!

Do the card illustrations depict real scientific concepts?

All cards in the game represent real scientific concepts and technologies. All Seekers are based on real scientists who advanced our understanding of the universe.  

Where can I find the game?

Seeker Chronicles was launched at SPIEL Essen 2023 in limited edition.
Support this project on Kickstarter and get notified on the official release!

What is the best age range to play the game?

13+. If you are younger, just give it a try and send us your feedback!

How many players can play the game?

Seeker Chronicles is a 1v1 high-strategy card game, with a special single-player mode for the bravest. We are also working on an exciting multiplayer experience!

Will I get hooked?

Do you like competitive and strategic games with a strong theme? Then, this one is for you! This game blends an inspirational science theme with an innovative resource management system that will hook even a veteran gamer.

I have a question regarding a specific card, what can I do?

You can check if this is already answered in the FAQ section on each card. Also, you can join us on Discord or Facebook and directly ask our community!

Is Seeker Chronicles a Trading Card game?

No :) We will release thematic expansions that are both stand alone and compatible with other sets. No randomized content and many expansions to come.