Butterfly Effect

HYPerlink Cost
If you are challenging, destroy any number of linked modules with combined power 4 or less.
BasE Power

A seemingly insignificant perturbation can have dramatic consequences.

Illus. Simon Seene © 2022 Universität Innsbruck

Answers to FAQs

  • The effect checks the current power of each module, including modifiers.
  • You can link the Butterfly Effect also during your turn, when you are not challenging. If you do, the ability has no impact on the game.
  • Destroyed modules are moved to their owner's archive.
  • You can choose modules controlled by any player, including the Butterfly Effect itself.
  • You can choose to destroy no modules.

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A tiny butterfly that causes a harrowing storm by flapping its delicate wings seem like poetic imagery. Yet, this is the way of nature: a small change in initial conditions can have significant and unpredictable effects on a complex system over time. The mathematician and meteorologist Edward Lorentz created this metaphor while working on weather simulations. He noticed that the solution to his atmospheric model was a strange attractor, where small differences in initial data inputs produced drastically different results. The butterfly effect has since been applied to various fields, from economics to chaos theory, and highlights the difficulty of making accurate predictions in complex systems.

Illus. Simon Seene © 2022 Universität Innsbruck

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The science of the butterfly effect

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