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"The work of James Clerk Maxwell changed the world forever." — A. Einstein

Illustr. Janna Sophia ©Universität Innsbruck 2021


  • Each Guardian comes with a unique Guardian module, or G-module. Guardians are activated one after the other in order of the stage number on their G-module (I, II, III).
  • When you activate a Guardian, place them next to the last Guardian you activated and add their G-module to your hand!

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James Clerk Maxwell lived in the 19th century. From an early age, his endless curiosity made him interested in many different topics, from the rings of Saturn to the way we perceive colour. Later, he would become known for drawing the connection that paved the way for modern physics. He discovered that light, electricity and magnetism were different manifestations of the same phenomenon. By unifying these three fields, he unveiled what we now know as the theory of electromagnetism, and proposed that light propagates as a wave! His work boosted countless essential inventions such as the radio, the television and many more that followed, completely revolutionizing our society.

Illustr. Janna Sophia ©Universität Innsbruck 2021

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Maxwell, the LightBringer

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