Parity Violation

HYPerlink Cost
Look at the top card of each stack, then put 1 of them into your memory.
BasE Power
guardian Module

Symmetry is broken

Illustr. Alex Rommel © 2022 Universität Innsbruck


  • If a stack contains only one card, looking at it does not cause the stack to be shuffled or the game to end.
  • The chosen card enters memory untapped, and can immediately be linked or tapped to produce a resource.
  • Guardian modules can be linked to any Guardian you own.

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Before Chien-Shiung Wu and her ingenious experiment, people believed that the laws of physics would not change if we mirrored the coordinates of our universe. But the weak interaction breaks this symmetry.

Wu and her colleagues cooled down cobalt atoms and used a magnetic field to align their spins. Cobalt atoms decay into nickel atoms through the weak interaction, emitting an electron and an anti-neutrino. The electrons were not homogenously distributed in space; instead, most were found in the direction opposite to the spin of the cobalt atoms. This surprising result proved that we can distinguish our universe from its mirror image.

Illustr. Alex Rommel © 2022 Universität Innsbruck

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Our universe breaks symmetry

Chien-Shiung Wu and the experiment that defied our intuition.

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